Going Zsh

I spend a lot of time in my terminal; with tools like Vim and tmux. It is my honest opinion that a proficient use of CLI will beat its GUI counterpart by orders of magnitude.

Which is why I recently switched from Bash to the Z Shell; Zsh.

I have been eyeing it for a while and so when I read that a friend of mine had switched to zsh, I felt it was good time to do so myself.

Zsh on Ubuntu

If you are on Ubuntu and want to try Zsh out yourself, it could not be easier. First install it through Apt.

$ sudo apt-get install zsh

Now just run zsh and you will jump right into the new shell. I suggest trying to tab complete something, for an instantaneous gratification.

To make Zsh your default shell, use chsh. Remember to re-login for the change to take effect.

$ chsh -s $(which zsh)

Find your current shell

If you want to know what shell you are currently on, try running echo $0. Looking at /etc/passwd will let you know what shell is configured for your account but again, changes there only kicks in next time you log in.

% echo $0

Officially hipsterized!