DrupalCamp Stockholm 2013

Kind-of-annual event DrupalCamp Stockholm is about to kick off again, just two weeks from today. Mark your calendars — March 8th will bring a lot of geeky fun to our capital city.

There are some really promising sessions planned for this DrupalCamp. I am especially looking forward to Fredrik Jonsson’s talk on Git and Fabian Sörqvist’s talk on Jaegirmeister. As always there are some conflicting sessions where I would love to see two talks but they are at the same time, like Ida Franceen’s talk on kodsmuts which clashes with my own presentation.

I will present a talk on Symfony, from the perspective of a Drupal developer. If Dependency Injection, Mediators, HTTP abstraction and code decoupling ticks your boxes — this is the talk for you!

Tickets generally sell fast the last couple of days, so be sure to visit the site and get yours right away. At 295 SEK for the entire DrupalCamp, including lunch and wraps for dinner, this is a bargain!

See you there?