Yesterday saw the start of #Kod100; a hacker challenge to help us open source developers focus to more actively and deliberately contribute to our favorite projects.

The idea comes from #Blogg100, where bloggers challenges themselves to write a blog post each day for one hundred consequetive days. In our #Kod100 hacker variant, initiated by Peppe, we instead contribute to at least one open source project per day.

Contributions does not have to be writing code. It can be sorting bugs, answering support threads, managing issues, discussing architecture, etc. All contributions to open source are good contributions!

I am a big believer in The Grind™ — applying yourself to something repeatedly for a long period of time to achieve results. Whether this is working out in the gym, learning to play the piano or furthering an open source project; I think grinding is what most reliably gets us there.

Personally I will primarily be working on my own open source projects, because they have the lowest barrier of entry. And I need it to be low for this to work for one hundred days straight. We will see how far that takes me but I hope I will get a couple of patches in for others projects as well.

If you are interested in joining #Kod100, you are already one day behind. But do not worry — just get one extra contribution in today and join us in this quest to make the world a hundred time better!