Mentoring at Hyper Island

Today I was invited by Mia Jung to visit Hyper Island and help mentor the students in their projects. It was a great experience and I can not help but feel a tinge of envy over how cool a school it is. The students dive head first and take on actually-payed-for, sharp projects for real clients!

The topic of today was integrating with Google Analytics, something I have done my fair amount of work with. Though I wish I would have known more about cross-domain tracking specifically, as that seemed to be a big hurdle.

I also caught a short lesson on HTML basics and it was interesting to listen to questions from people learning this for the very first time. I quite enjoyed watching them realize how they could structure tags and attributes to craft the web pages to their liking.

The real kicker, however, was that way more than 50% of the students were female. In stark contrast to all the meetups and conference I usually attend. There is definitely some strong up-and-coming competition in the pipeline and I for one welcome it!