Follow me on Bloglovin'

Bloglovin’ is a service for keeping track of the many blogs you might be following; a modern RSS reader.

They solve their marketplace problem beautifully by piggy-backing on the RSS protocol. This way you do not have to register your blog before others can follow it.

You can however, claim ownership of a blog on Bloglovin’. I have just done so for and if you want; you can follow me there.

Google Reader to Bloglovin’

In the wake of Google Reader’s announcement it seems Bloglovin’ has seen a slew of new users. Fortunately Bloglovin’ has a migration tool if you are looking to port your subscriptions but expect some hiccups as their servers are taking quite a beating right now.

Because of the mass evacuation from Google Reader to Bloglovin, our servers were over capacity last night. The team worked all night to fix it and we’re really sorry that some of you got ”duplicate followers” on your blogs but they have now been removed.