Stand up against ACTA

Our Internet is yet again under siege. This time also the lobbyists are wielding a four lettered acronym to try and impose on our freedom and global community, in hopes of securing some extra income for themselves.

It is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. While noble and righteous in its name, it is anything but in practice. From its creation it has been revised in secrecy and agreed upon in meetings behind locked doors. Neither its content nor its process is becoming of a democratic civilization.

Check out the Say NO to ACTA video for an overview of the “agreement”.

A lot of countries have already signed it but this is merely a show for the masses. The signature means nothing until, and if, it is ratified in the European Union. So do not be discouraged by the smoke screen.

Let us stop this instead. It is not rooted with the people and we need to make our dislike heard.

  • Sign the petition.

  • Send an email to your EU representatives, stating your concern for ACTA and demand they take up true leadership.

  • Bring a friend and join a demonstration against ACTA. For example in Stockholm, Sweden this Saturday.

  • Write a blog post and help spread the word.

Read more about ACTA’s implications at Electronic Frontiers Foundation.