Booting Jekyll with Teamocil

Teamocil is a cool utility for us tmux users. It helps manage your sessions, windows and panes in a way that makes it really easy to boot up preconfigured environments.

You could use teamocil to quickly start Vim in a split window with your continous tests running in an adjacent pane. Or you could SSH into all your servers in different panes, boot up htop and use teamocil as a wicked performance dashboard. The possibilities are endless.

I am using teamocil right now to write this blog post, having first booted up my Jekyll server and Guard instance in a separate window.

Installing teamocil

Teamocil is a Ruby gem and as such is dead simple to install.

$ gem install teamocil
$ mkdir ~/.teamocil

Configuring Teamocil for Jekyll

With Teamocil you can have multiple settings, each with a unique name in its separate YAML configuration file. Starting or editing one is done with the same command.

$ teamocil --edit jekyll

This will launch the jekyll configuration file in your $EDITOR of choice. For my Jekyll configuration, I use the following.

  - layout: even-horizontal
    clear: true
      - cmd: "jekyll serve"
      - cmd: "guard"

What it does is it creates a new window with two panes, one running jekyll serve to start the Jekyll server and another running guard to initialize my Guard rules.

Save and then try starting it.

$ teamocil jekyll