Off to new adventures

This last Friday I discontinued my contract with Unibet, where I have been consulting for the last 15 months.

It was a great gig and I am very grateful for having been onboard for the ride. We finished it off by launching the complete redesign and restructure of their Drupal platform, which powers a dozen gambling sites, in several languages and with support for multiple jurisdictions and brands. Quite complex and insanely fun to architecture!

However, it is time to move on. Deciding to leave is never easy and especially so when leaving behind the really nice bunch that was my team. Thanks for this time, guys!

I am now off to new adventures, primarily focusing on building my own products and services. Some will be built together with my old colleague Viktor Miranda, also recently self-made unemployed. Starting with Smartburk I am hoping to have finished a couple by the end of this year.

We will also document this entrepreneurial journey over at @interversum and you are very much welcome to join in!