Smartburk is live!

Today marks the official launch of Smartburk; a web service to help you track your favorite TV series. I am super thrilled to finally be able to show it off and I extend my warmest welcome for you to come try it out.

Smartburk has been in development on and off for the last three years but together with my friend and colleague Viktor, I have made a final push these last couple of months to finish it.

Of course it will never be quite finished and we are aware of more than one bug and unfinished feature. But today we deemed it enough so to be released to the general public. As Opbeat puts it: fuck it — ship it.

One small caveat for non-swedes is that Smartburk is in Swedish only for now. Perfect time to learn the language, in other words. ;)

Big thanks to all our beta testers for the gigantous amount of feedback you have given us and to Johannes for the awesome design.