What do you think of Chaps?

I recently pushed the initial commit for a new project of mine. Say hello to Chaps!

Chaps is a command line tool that will let you manage your many lists of followers on the various social networks out there. I will use it myself to find new, potentially interesting, people to follow on Twitter and to trim my following list on GitHub a bit.

To be honest though, it’s not that much to see yet.

I decided to use readme driven development for Chaps and so this first deliverable is nothing more than a README. Of course a lot of thought has been put into constructing that README but still, you can’t actually use it yet.

Now, your turn

I’m hoping you, dear reader, will help me next.

If this sounds like a useful tool to you then please head on over to the project and read up on it. Then please let me know what you’re thinking! Does something look weird? Are you missing anything or do you notice something obsolete?

Leave a comment below or create create an issue in the project to share your thoughts. Thanks!