Increase SERP conversion with dynamic copy

I just searched for “Some Service coupon code”, to see if I could get a discount before proceeding to my purchase. Most of the results were from aggregator sites but what stood out to me what how three of them triggered me to click them instinctively.

They all said “November coupon codes for Some Service”, “Get $10 off with November 2012 coupon codes” or something similar. Neither of them actually had Some Service coupon codes for November but their trickery is definitely interesting.

At least to a hobbyist SEO:er like myself.

Dynamic copywriting

Say you have a news site and your front page says “News”. By updating that to “November News” you could very well convert more in the SERP. This is not as much a dirty SEO hoax as it is better decribing your content, because you will likely offer current news in November.

If you can deliver on the value proposition I definitely think it is worth considering where else you could apply this principle.

Do you have any practical experience with implementing this? Let me know in the comments!