Sunrise and sunset from Google

Google seems to increasingly try and answer our more simple searches directly, rather than showing a list of websites that in turn might answer the search. It think it makes a lot of sense when it saves me time and clicks.

One such query I just bumped into is sunsets and sunrises. I wanted to know what time the sun set in Stockholm and Google gave me the answer, right there in the SERP.

Sunset time in Stockholm

Of course they can also answer when the sun will rise again.

Sunrise time in Stockholm

I have previously noted how Google also gives you your public IP address. What is your favorite example of these small Google widgets?

Update: Aaron Axelsson told me about Google’s own Tips & Tricks page, where they list more of these kind of widgets. They have titled it “All Tips & Tricks” but it is missing, for example, the public IP one so I suspect there are more goodies out there.