Announcing November Camp 2013

Me and the rest of Symfony Sweden will be hosting a PHP conference in Stockholm this coming winter. Mark the 22nd for November Camp!

If you are doing PHP professionally, you should definitely come. This whole day event will guide you through the latest and greatest of modern PHP. The PSR standards, Composer and Packagist and the SOLID principles are given topics but we will also cover essential peripherals like continuous integration and monitoring.

Tickets are 498 SEK a pop (~$78/€58) and that includes every session you can muster, all the cool developers you want to meet and of course as much coffee you can bear to drink.

Seats are limited, so I would recommend getting yours today!

If your company is interested in sponsoring the event and get some really nice visibility, send us an email at [email protected].

Oh, and even if you are not coming yourself (sure you are!) please help us spread the word. Tweet it, blog it, share it on Facebook — any help is really appreciated!