Symfony Day 2011

I am just now sitting on plane bound for Cologne, to participate in Symfony Day 2011. This is my second Symfony Day and I am really psyched about it.

It will kick off tomorrow with a workshop day, featuring four different tracks. I picked “Build your own framework… based on the Symfony2 components” with Fabien Potencier, where I am hoping to get a better understanding on how the different components are wired together and what you can do to customize the framework on a macro level.

Sharing the workshop

The task for this workshop is to build our own framework using Symfony2 components, each part building upon the previous one.

In order to better remember what we go through, I thought I would record this. And what better way to record code changes but to version control it with Git? While I am at it I will throw in some GitHub koolaid and share it all with anyone interested.

You can follow this repository at

Symfony Day

The second day is the actual Symfony Day, filled with interesting sessions from 9am to 7pm. I am especially looking forward to Richard Miller’s “Dependency Injection and the Symfony2 Service Container”.

Sadly though, I will miss Fabiens finishing session since the flights from Cologne back to Stockholm sucks. Hopefully it will be recorded so I can watch it later and see what his “one final thing” is this year.

Are you going? Hope to see you there!