Symfony workshop for aspiring hackers

I meet people who have heard good things about Symfony all the time. Often they have not yet tried it themselves but are planning to … sometime. I also know how very rewarding it is to take the time and learn the ropes with Symfony2.

That is why we of Symfony Sverige will host our first ever swedish Symfony workshop. It is a great opportunity to dive right in and find your footing. We will go through everything from an overview of how all the pieces work together, to in-depth information on RESTful routing, on to best practices and more. All for the surmountable price of completely free and gratis!

We also strongly believe in the importance of our community, which is why we will top the day off with a visit to a nice nearby venue for some good food and drinks.

There is currently just one seat left - so be quick about it and register today! If you do not make it for that last 35th seat, you can register for the waiting list. Then we will invite you if someone is unable to go and need to pass their ticket on.

Hope to see you there!

NB: All talks will be in swedish, unless there is a big demand for english.