There is a bundle for that!

Being a Drupal developer (among other things) there is one phrase I am guilty of having used more than a dozen times; “there is a module for that”. I believe the sheer number of third party modules is in large what has made Drupal the big player it is.

This is why it makes me happy to now take inventory of Symfony2’s bundles and finding a whooping 577 bundles on the Symfony2 Bundles site! Put this in perspective of Symfony2 being released only one month ago.

It is not nonsense bundles either. In the list you will find goodies like Facebook and Twitter integration, comments for your models/documents, search with Elastica and Lucene, RabbitMQ queueing, gravatars support, a Redis client and many, many more.

High and low - chances are there is a bundle to solve your puzzle.

Usually the biggest drawback with using a framework is the initial threshold. But with this really positive trend, I do believe we are indeed on to a success here.