DrupalCamp Göteborg 2013

May 25th will see the second ever DrupalCamp Göteborg and I will attend it. Following my talk at DrupalCamp Stockholm 2013, where I gave an introduction to Symfony, this time around I have been invited to hold the keynote.

I will talk about how the statement one plus one works in open source in general and with the Drupal and Symfony collaboration specifically. Could it ever be anything but 2, lower or higher? Come find out!

The organizers have gotten together an impressive schedule and I am personally looking forward to attending the talks on MySQL replication, accessibility, Drupal in startups, automated frontend testing and how to pick a web framework. And that is not even half of the sessions!

A ticket for DrupalCamp Göteborg costs a mere 150 SEK, which includes dinner and all the coffee you can drink. Not to mention all the cool people you get to hang out with. So if you are at all into Drupal — definitely go get your ticket today.

When you have the ticket, be sure to come join us the evening before and remember to sign up for the following code sprint.

See you there!