I love dedicating myself to personal projects and I often find that it is a great way to enhance my skills. These projects can be anything from serious startup ideas to weekend hacks and hobbies.


My current startup and daytime job. A web based service for keeping track of all the TV series you are following, as well as finding new gems.


An homage to pure gaming. NoGFX (“no graphics”) is a community for MUD players, where you post and discuss logs from gaming sessions.

DNS Koll

Web wrapper for .se domain WHOIS lookups.


Entrepreneurial blog where I share the findings, ideas and mistakes that I accumulate while trying my hand at building businesses.


Training blog focusing on vegetarian nutrition.


A blog where I write about my experience with martial arts and fighting; primarily MMA, BJJ and muay thai.


I love travelling and this is where I share my adventures for anyone interested in gaining tips for their own upcoming journeys.

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